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  1. Free cards in Clearance category + $2 delivery

    New promotion comes to town. AUD $0 for the cards in Clearance.

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  2. FB Like $2 discount instruction

    Step 1: Add products to cart

    Step 2: Click Cart icon on the top right corner of the website

    Step 3: Click on View Cart button

    Step 4: FInd the Like button and click on it. You will get $2 discount instantly.

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  3. Free ship + 25% off for Order over $50 promotion

    Add as many Items as you want to the shopping cart until Order Total (After 25%off) is more than $50. The free shipping option will appear. The discount is applied automatically.

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  4. Launching new website to deliver better customers' experiences

    New website delivers better experience for the mobile users.

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  5. New Help Desk system is introduced

    New help desk ticket system 24/7 is launched. https://3wehelp.com

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  6. New chat system is introduced.

    New chat system is introduced to interact with the visitors of our website.

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  7. Customer Support Notice for Holiday

    All the support systems of our website are offline on National holiday.

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